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A love/hate relationship with James Bond, explored one film at a time.

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What is this, anyway?

Hi. I’m Isaac. I’ve never really “got” James Bond. The character is our culture’s exemplar of male cool but although I’ve seen a handful of Bond movies over the years I’ve always felt that there was something larger and weirder going on with this character, and I’ve never quite wrapped my head around it. Why is “Bond, James Bond” a memorable line? Why is “Shaken, Not stirred”? What’s the deal with Moneypenny?

There’s something compelling about the character, even though the movies tend to be terrible. This blog is the chronicling of my journey to understand Bond. I started this trying to understand who James Bond was and I’ve continued it trying to understand the appeal of such a monstrous character. I am going to watch all the James Bond movies and hopefully emerge from the process with a better understanding of this most iconic of characters.

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